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Route Planning

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I just updated the “Route” page

Horizons Unlimited

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Spending the weekend in Nakusp B.C. With 200 other like minded bikers. My plans for South America seem small compared to this group’s achievements.


We didn’t know it when Day 13 began but it would be a day of tests. The night before we were the sole inhabitants of the Pioneer campground save for the campground Host. After many days of desert riding and camping, a night in the Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest was welcoming. Being near a flowing river was a bonus novelty.
The friendly camp host was curious about our route and when we told him we intended to take the Left Fork Road his reply should have waved us off. It’s very, very rough, some guys go on their quads but I don’t know about motorcycles…but it does go all the way through, good luck and watch for the mountain men!

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The road seemed easy enough and we started to dismiss the warnings. Soon we encountered the mountain men who gathered each May to do what mountain men do?

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Not far past the mountain men the road began to narrow and roughen. Still easily passable but requiring more attention. The experience of our camp ground host was beginning to materialize when we passed a sign indicating that “Road impassable to passenger vehicles in 6 miles”.

2 miles later…this sign:

The obstacles kept coming

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Okay it’s getting quite rough now, kind of steep in places with loose sharp rocks. If it stays like this I can manage…it’s only 6 more miles. Darned campground host scared us for nothing
But wait! Look what is around the corner

This looks like a show stopper

Half way up

Looking down

We started considering our only two options. We really did not want to go back. A detailed survey of the rock slope revealed a possible route. There were obvious tire marks on the rocks, probably from high clearance 4 x 4s or quads. If we were to reduce the weight of the bikes maybe we could navigate slowly up this grade. It was daunting but we formulated a plan. Unload the heavy luggage and take one at a time. First, Dave would ride up and scout the 3 miles beyond the obstacle to determine if this was the worst of it. We told him to be back in 45 minutes or we would start hiking after him.

The following links tell the story best and have more photos. Worth the read

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FANTASTIC! We made it!
Dave’s scouting report was “good news bad news”. No more nasty bits like this one but a few more rock gardens to get through. (it turned out he gave us a slightly modified report…in the name of team morale)

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There were indeed a few more rough bits to come

Click this link to see what the next few hours were like

Here is Dave riding a rough section Click the image to see the video

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We came across a section that I just could not navigate so Dave took over and rode my bike the next 30 feet. When I hopped on the bike it would not start. I quickly did a pre-flight checklist and discovered he had used the kill switch. I never use it because it has caused an issue for me in the past. But after disengaging the switch I still had no engine. We dismantled the switch and cleaned it but to no effect. We broke out the multi-meter and test light to begin trouble shooting. First we bypassed the kill switch…nothing. Then we started tracing wiring and relays trying to use logic. We were focused on the kill switch too much. After two hours and much worrying we decided to start looking at the other switches. It turned out to be the clutch switch which we bypassed and all was okay again. What a relief!

The day carried on like a normal Mobius day after that

looking back at the road we had just ridden. 15 miles in 6.5 hours!